Pain Management Policy

At Teton Hand Surgery we understand that many conditions cause pain and that to relieve pain surgically, you may experience acute postoperative pain. The physician at Teton Hand Surgery recognize that postoperative pain management is an important part of care and recovery following an operation.

Narcotic pain medications have many known risks and side effects, including the development of opiate dependence. Therefore, our goal is to provide these medications effectively and responsibly.

It is important that you understand our prescription policy for post-operative pain medications.

Following your operation, either emergent or elective, you will be discharged with post-operative instructions and a prescription for pain medication. Your surgeon will monitor and manage your post-operative pain for a maximum of 90 days. If, after that time, you have continued pain requiring significant amounts of narcotic medications, you will be referred to a pain management clinic.

The physician at Teton Hand Surgery strongly encourage the discontinuation of narcotic pain medications as early as tolerable.


  • I understand Narcotics will only be prescribed preoperatively to treat pain associated with an acute injury.
  • I understand Pain Medications will not be prescribed for chronic conditions.
  • I understand there is a risk of physical dependence when taking opioid medications.
  • I agree to take the medications as prescribed.
  • I understand that taking opiate pain medications may cause drowsiness, sedation, and / or dizziness and that during that time I should not operate machinery or a motor vehicle.
  • I understand that prescriptions for opiate pain medications will only be refilled during regular office hours and may take 48-72 hours to be refilled.
  • I understand that no opiate medications will be refilled evenings or weekends. On call physicians will not refill pain medications during these times.
  • I understand that Teton Hand Surgery physician will not assume responsibility for or manage chronic pain medications that are managed by another physician.
  • Misplaced, lost, or stolen prescriptions or medications will not be refilled. You are responsible for your prescriptions and pain medications.
  • In the event of documented narcotic abuse (for example, narcotic medications prescribed by multiple providers or filled at multiple pharmacies), no further prescriptions will be provided and the patient may be discharged from care.
  • I will not share, sell, or trade my prescribed narcotic pain medication.
  • If you have not been seen at Teton Hand Surgery in the past 3 months, no pain prescriptions will be filled prior to reassessment.

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